Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nanotechnology: Need of the hour

       Nanotechnology is the science and technology of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease and traumatic injury; of relieving pain; and of preserving and improving human health, through the use of nanoscale-structured materials, biotechnology and genetic engineering, and eventually complex molecular machine systems and nanorobots.
         Prospective of a nanotech world:
   Ø It helps in the detection of tumor location, size, shape at a molecular level
   Ø Delivery of anticancer drugs to specific site
   Ø Target specific imaging
   Ø Overcome both non cellular and cellular-based drug resistance, to increase selectivity of drugs.
   Ø Remove microvascular obstruction
   Ø Perform non invasive tissue transplants
   Ø  Molecular repairs
   Ø Exchange new whole chromosomes
     (Further reference: Annals & Essences of dentistry.Vol IV Issue 1 Jan-Mar 2012)
        Goodbye to dental drills: Nanoneedles and Nanotweezers
   Ø Restoration of tooth structure with fluoride,calcium,phosphate releasing nanocomposites.
   Ø Dental enamel formation using nanorods, nanospheres, and recombinant amelogenins.
   Ø Delivery of Local anesthesia
   Ø  Dentition renaturalization
   Ø  Permanent hypersensitivity cure
   Ø  Complete orthodontic realignments during a single office visit
   Ø  Continuous oral health maintenance using mechanical dentif-robots incorporated in mouthwash & toothpaste.